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What is Trendigo?

Trendigo is anything but one of your run-of-the mill loyalty cards.
Trendigo is an all-new one-step payment/loyalty system.
With one swipe or click, you pay and you automatically earn Trendigo points

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How to earn points?

Points pile up quickly, that’s because you receive 5% in points with every purchase at all Trendigo locations. And Trendigo points are valuable, in fact, each and every one of them is worth one cent.  Yup, 100 points = one dollar, Trendigo is that simple, that straightforward. 5% for every purchase, that means for instance that a for $ 30 you spend, you receive 150 points.

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How do I redeem my points?

You can then spend your points at the Trendigo location of your choice, whenever you want, on the purchase of your choice. What’s the catch you ask? There are no participating big box stores or restaurant chains. All Trendigo locations are run by independent shopkeepers and restauranteurs in your community.

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Is it complicated to register and use Trendigo?

Registration is free and complete in 3 easy steps. Our Trendigo card is simply linked to one of your existing credit cards. There is therefore no long questionnaire to be completed. Once your a member, use your Trendigo card or application to pay and automatically points will be added to your account.

So go ahead and register, it’s free*

*Limited time offer